PSBT – Pneumatic Systems Basic Training
structure and function of truck, tractor and bus brake systems, 
as well as their components; basic components; structure and function of trailer braking systems and their components; basic electrical component
Demands against braking systems
Braking system structure and function
Air supply system components
Service brake system components 
Parking brake system components 
Adjusting and checking brake components Trailer control components 

Modifications are possible!

basic knowledge in the field of testing and repairing commercial vehicle brake systems.
ADBT – Pneumatic disc brake 
Our disc brake training offers you information about all product variants, as well as a variety of practical tips and tricks for all work.
Structure and function of the current disc brake generations
Notes on testing, assessment, service and troubleshooting
Practical work on Brams saddles using the service rates obtained with additional tips and application of the special tool
 Distinguishing the different generations
Checking and assessing the disc brake
Systematic troubleshooting as well as installation and expansion of all types  of service sets 
Application of the necessary special tools
TBEST I – Electronic braking systems Electronic Systeme-motor vehicles
This training teaches you all the basic and additional functions of the electronic systems in the motor vehicle, leads you into the driver assistance systems and makes you strong in troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair.
Basic terms from the areas of ABS and EBS
Design and function of ABS/ASR, EBS, ESP, AEBS, ELC (Electronic Air Suspension), driver assistance systems and clutch controllers
Notes on diagnosing and troubleshooting these systems
Practical tasks and exercises on the functional model
Learning success monitoring
Systematic detection and correction of errors in the mediated systems
TBEST II – Electronic air treatment
The training for electronic air treatment in the motor vehicle gives an overview of the most important functions. You will also receive information about error symptoms and diagnostics.
Connection names and basic terms from the field of compressed air supply and treatment
Structure, function of electronic air treatment (EAC) 
Diagnostic application and repair instructions
 Structure and functions of electronic air treatment systems
Finding and correcting faults in EAC systems and routing necessary maintenance work (e.g. replacement of the desiccant cartridge)
Application of Knorr-Bremse Diagnostics NEO (reading and deletion of fault memory, data mirroring and reset)
Checking for errors and fixing them

TEST – Trailer Electronic System Training

Electronic systems found in modern trailers (ABS– Anti-blocking system; 
EBS – Electronically Controlled Brake System)
presentation of its structure, operation and components
presentation of the diagnostic possibilities of each system with special diagnostic  (Participation in education is the condition for aquiring diagnostic PIN codes.)